The Holy Goddess of Seraphims, Zilyana
Title Seraphim Goddess of Void Temple,
• Reference
• Spoken
The Goddess
The Holy One
Birthdate Unknown
Place of Birth: Believed to be the Hidden Grotto of Crystal
Spouse Ashnard (Divorced)
Children Voi the Holy (Adopted)
Religion Icyenic
Date of Coronation N/A
Languages spoken Unknown, but to believed to speak all languages

Zilyana is the Goddess of Seraphims and is a beautiful woman. She wove the Holy Garb of the Seraphims and crafted the Sword of the Seraphim.


Not much is known about Zilyana's birth, but when she was born; the purest crystal spread across the land along with breathtaking scenery and wonderful landscapes.


Ashnard was Zilyana's husband. Zilyana met Ashnard when he was just 22, and they fell in love. Being the same age; Zilyana gave the mere mortal half her powers out of her love to him, and he betrayed her. He cast away Zilyana into the Void and he turned evil. Ashnard is now known as Kr'il T'su'ratoth, the Unholy Demon of the Underworld.

Voi the HolyEdit

Voi the Holy wasn't Zilyana's direct child, but instead adopted. She gave Voi powers at her birth, knowing her good will to survive, to dare and to protect her country.

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