The Emirate of Zanziik, or simply Zanziik, is a Continentian nation home to nearly 4 billion citizens. The Emirate is a conglomerate of 13 semi-autonomous emirates: Port Royalton (Emirate), Helm (Emirate), Thunder Downs, Oxford (Emirate), Essex (Emirate), Borderton, Exeter (Emirate), Georgia, Cornwallis, Dorsetshire, Warwickshire, Squalor County, and Achilles Burough, along with one sovereign protectorate, Port Alacea, acquired through a trade of port cities with Alacea.

The Emirates are governed by a Council of Emirs, who serve not only as the legislative body of the nation but also as the electoral college for the President of Zanziik. President Charles Beverly serves as the first president of the Emirate of Zanziik.

Zanziik considers itself a major player on the Continentian stage. An economy centered around the milkshake industry (but well diversified) drives the Ziik as the 13th most powerful currency in Continentia.


History of Zanziik


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