Yakov Semaryiab

Yakov Semaryiab in his office.

Country: The Armed Republic of Kremistan

Position: Prime Minister

Appearance: Yakov is just shy of six feet tall. His military-cut black hair, dark brown eyes and a dark skin complexion, nearing the "olive" tone, give him a somewhat intimidating presence. For most functions, he wears a conservative black suit with a gold lapel pin of the Kremistani flag. While not in the international spotlight, jeans and a button down are his usual outfit.

Age: 29

Personality: Yakov is fairly intense, tending to focus on one job at a time rather than multi-tasking. He takes time to decide wether or not to trust someone, but once he does, he rarely holds things back. He attempts to find as many friends as possible in the international community, enjoying the company of other leaders more than that of his ministers.

Previous Political Experience: None, though he did serve the majority of his adult life in the military.

Rise to Power: Yakov rose through the ranks of the provincial army before the Motherland dissolved. He assembled what soldiers he could and defended the territory that is now Kremistan from those who wished to claim the area for their own. He slowly accumulated more territory and troops, eventually securing a border and establishing a government. In the first election, he was elected Prime Minister by a landslide.

Ideologies: Defense is highest on the Prime Minister's agenda, both internally and externally. He will always act with the best intentions for the good of the people as a whole.

Private Life: The PM was committed to a relationship during the end of the war for independence. However, the engagement was broken after the media dug up her affair.* Yakov has remained single and has not made public any plans to change that. He also spends time in the woods, either hiking or hunting in the national forests.

  • Both Yakov's fiancee and her boyfriend have disappeared under questionable circumstances. The government denies any affiliation.


Military Training: The Prime Minister has graduated the kremistani Military academy as seventh in his class of about 1,200. His specialized training from the Academy includes Guerilla Warfare, Air Ops., and Field Medicine. The STALEK, the Kremistani equivalent of a secret service, has trained him in personal defense.

Armament: The PM is almost always armed. During diplomatic functions, this is usually in the form of a lapel knife, though while at home he will carry a personally modified pistol in a shoulder holster.

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