䆐 䨻𠔻䖅蠿麢䨺 䖃䰖䶪讟 齉䲜鱻䖇靐 䨊虋龘䲜齾疊 𪚥
The Imperial Reublic of Xeijaegamaxkh
Jeikh Schtorngsvierschlahgskindt Vurkhivyeng Deivft Jscheiyaegamajhkh (Jeisklauvft)
Yeih Xshtohrngzvierjlazkingt Fuhrghyving Teifd Xsheiyagamauschg (Schtries)
Xeisvieignth Auskanhaldt Stjeritsierksritscheng Vko Xjeiyaegumahzjkh (Vstoikhya)
Vseith Flag
Yucatan new prussia coat of arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: Sxtreik, Vshtroilnjagd, Gaustveingsya
«籱 龘釁 蠿齉䖇 »
Freedom, Dignity, Justice


Capital & Largest City Schkvoigkht
Demonym Vseithen
Official language Vseithen
Ethnic Groups Vseithang 71%
Other Amerindian 10%
European 8%
Indo-Arabic 5%
Asian 3%
African 2%
Other 1%
Government Democratic Empire
- Emperor Ahngsvalt Stveisksroiskoilya
- National Formation 1 June, 2070
- Total 2,815,373 km2 (1,843,764.1 sq mi)
- Water (%) 5.6
- Population 415,431,532
- Density 2,432 /km²
5,642 /sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2295 estimate
- Total $59.415 trillion (PPP)
- Per capita $476,293 (PPP)
GDP (Nominal) 2007 estimate
- Total $74.386 trillion (nominal)
- Per capita $645,802 (nominal)
Gini (2008) 2.3 (Low)
HDI (2008) Green Arrow Up Darker 1.327 (very high)
Currency Streig
Time zone Vseith Standard Time Zones (UTC+?)
- Summer (DST) not observed (UTC+?)
Internet TLD .VS
Calling code +70

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