Listed below are the nations that ceases to exist (CTE) via DEAT (deletion) because of my actions in the forums Crazy131


Let me explain in detail why all 4 these nations were deleted.

First off we're going to leave Evil131 out of this list because he was deleted after Crazy131 Death10 and God15.

The DispatchEdit

So here we go one day i was at school the reason I was mad was because my nation Crazy131 got banned from the forums for saying fuc*k you to one of the posters after that player said get your thread locked and wonder why, but what happened afterwards could have been prevented if I hadn't made that stupid decision. So after Crazy131 got banned from the forums. I used the nation death10 to spam as much threads as possible, even going so far as creating a thread that said Fuc'k the moderators. After I left school I got online and both Crazy131 and death 10 was deleted along with god15, but for some reason evil131 wasn't. I was really angry after this, so once again I spammed moderation and made threats such as I'm gonna hack you if don't give me crazy131 back and if you don't give me back crazy131 this site will be hacked. (which I didn't know how to do) After all of this happened I decided to quit NationStates. But on April, 1, I was at school and a friend of mine said that NationStates, had a new feature ZOMBIES. which at the time I thought was a permanent. Which was an April fools prank, however at the time I had no idea about the April fools pranks that NationStates Max Barry and the mods pulled every year. I decided to come back and thought to myself I'll play this April fools game and then I'll leave, but instead I decided to stay on this game and the forums. And while I got banned from the forums a few times and almost Deleted. I eventually start acting right, and now I'm known as one of the most friendliest people there.

If you have any questions or you have something you think I should add please telegram starkiller101

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