The Grestonian Caribbean Colony of West Mier
WM Seal
Motto: A mari usque ad mare
Largest city
Official languages English, Cuban, Arabic
Demonym Grestonian, Mierane

- His Excellency the Absque Lord of West Mier
- His Excellency the Voice of the Council
Constitutional Council State
Jerry Striker
Arthur Pavverr
- as Republic
- as Colony of West Mier
- as Constitutional Monarchy
- as Grestonian Council State

March 23rd, 1942
May 3rd, 1960
December 13th, 2007
May 25th, 2010
- Total

- Water (%)

297,094 km²
- Y08 estimate

- Total
- Per capita
FY07 estimate
$2.0 trillion
GDP (nominal)
- Total
- Per capita
FY07 estimate
$2.1 trillion
HDI (FY06) 0.667 (medium)
Currency Marble
(ZWD "₵")
Official Religion Atheism
Calling code +199
TLD .wm, .we_mir
Craft Indentifier


West Mier (officially The Grestonian Caribbean Colony of West Mier) is a small miltaristic state controlled by Grestonian ambassadors and soldiers. It is home to over 8 million native souls and another 4 million Grestonians.


Jerry Striker, the President of The Imperial Republic of Greston and His Excellency the Absque Count of the Illoustrious and Most Noble County of Throppe is the Illoustrious Lord of West Mier, a council state. The council state has the Council of the Lords. There is one lord for every one million citizens.

The Council of the LordsEdit

The Council has nine members, eigth of which respresent the population the other one is His Excellency the Voice of the Council of the Noble County of West Mier. The Council votes upon laws and transactions of the colony and they bring their proposals to either the Lord or the Praetor of the Courts. As the popukation grows so does the Council. Once the council reaches twenty members the original eight will form the Superior Council which is the highest except for the Voice of the Council. The current Voice of the Council is Arthur Pavverr, a Grestonian who traveled to the archepilago in hopes to start over.

Praetor of the CourtsEdit

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