Wachonnia is a Kiravian vassal state on the East Continent.


Wachonnia was first settled by Neolithic farmers of the Proto-Coscivic peoples. Despite being of that race, they were not infused with the DNA of the Founders. The Wachonnians ruled over an independant kingdom from the time of unification until C.C. 607, when the country was controlled by the Assuri, Khar, Ombodan, Partic, and Coscivian empires. After another century of independance, Wachonnia became a republic.

Growing Kiravian influence in the region, and extensive Kiravian colonisation of surrounding countries, combined with threats of Ombodan invasion, prompted President Ian Darfino to sign a Treaty of Vassalship with the Kiravian Empire.


The Wachonnian economy is based on heavy industry. The Socialist government controls the coal, electricity, water, and communications industries.

An effective Industrial Revolution soon after independance transferred most capital and labour force from agriculture to industry. The economic change caused rapid urabanization.

The major industrial products of Wachonnia are Machinery, Vehicles, Cement, Farming Equipment, Industrial Machinery, Prefabricates, Building Materials, and Armoured Vehicles.

Services are few in Wachonnia, and are limited mostly to trade in the cities. Agricultural production is limited to wheat, potatoes, pork, and groundnuts.


Wachonnia's population can be summarized as a medium-sized, ethnically homogeneous, slow-growing population, with a declining senoir and youth contingent.


The Republic of Wachonnia is a bicameral democracy.

The two legislative bodies, the Court of Deputies and the Republic's Congress, have shifting powers through each election. The majority party appoints the President, who tends to have more power than the legislative branch itself.

Elections for the Republic's Congress are held every eight years. Only wealthy, native-born Wachonnian citizens belonging to a party can vote. There are 18 legal parties, as follows:

  • Wachonnian Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Labour Party
  • Wachonnian Liberal Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Democratic Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian United Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian National Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Socialist Labour Party
  • Wachonnian Neoliberal Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Communist-Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Libertarian Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Kiravian Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Secular Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Republican Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Eco-Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Soviet Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Communist Party
  • Wachonnian Democratic Socialist Party
  • Wachonnian Worker's Party


As a vassal to the Kiravian Empire, the KE taakes a role in Wachonnian politics. The President must be approved by the Wachonnia Treaty Comission, and Wachonnia must send an observer to the Imperial Senate.

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