The Seraphim's Dominion of Void Temple
Motto: "Iuguolo, Trunco, Iinterficio...."
Capital Chrisial 'n Gysegr-lân Dirio
Largest City Chrisial 'n Gysegr-lân Dirio
Official languages Latin, English
Demonym Templians, 'Dee-dra', Iceyenes, Seraphims
Government Empire
- Emperess Voi the Holy
- Total 377,873 km² km²
145,883 sq mi mi²
- Water (%) 0.8
- 2008 approximation Over 20 million
- Density 2.6/km²
6.7/sq mi²
Currency Talentum
Time zone Inritus Time Zone (IMT+9:30)
Internet TLD .iye

The Dominion of Void Temple is a large, pleasant nation, notable for its beautiful, hospitable landscape. Located 3KM South-West of Inritus, its hard-nosed, hard-working population of 20 million have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often.

Geography Edit

Void Temple is, like stated, 3KM South-West of Inritus. Home to the famous River of the Icyene, it is known for it's beauty. Although Inritus doesn't have many Mountain Ranges, it's home to the "Inritus Fissure" (or Void Fissure). Myths say this was created when Zilyana was in rage and she slammed her Holy Sword on to the ground.

Punga of Sententia Edit

The "Punga of Sententia" (means The Battle of Decision in latin) was a battle between the goddess' of Void Temple

(See article for more)

Religion Edit

Religion plays one of the biggest roles in Void Temple. It features 7 main god/desses, all have a certain role for example:


The only known portrait of the Holy Zilyana

  • Zilyana, Voi the Holy and Septima - Goddess' of the almighty Seraphims
  • Starlight - Goddess of the Icyenes, 'servants' to the Seraphims
  • Seren - Goddess of Crystal, the main power of Void Temple.
  • Penance - God of the "Dee-Dra"
  • Flockleader S'kree - Goddess of the animals.

Whilst there is the Gods, there are the 'Evil ones'

  • Zak'l'n G'rit'ch - Scourge of the Light
  • Ts'ta'non Kar'lak - Destroyer of a thousand plains
  • Bal'frug Kre'ey'ath - Despoiler of Ull'ek
  • And the 'one' : Kr'il T'su'ratoth - Once thought of as nothing more than a myth, this beast of the darkness has destroyed towns and leveled entire cities, leaving nobody alive to confirm his existence.

The Unholy portrait of K'ril T'su'ratoth in his first form.

Currently, not a single person in Void Temple is an atheist, for this is treason against the nation - obviously showing that religion IS the biggest part of Void Temple.


The Climate of Void Temple is variable. It's lowest recorded temperature was 13'c which was on Tuesday, 11th of January 2542. The Highest recorded temperature was 69'c, which is very high. This is the most unusual temperature, because the general maximum temperature is around 30-40'c. It took place on a Friday, 29th of August 2553.


Void Temple's military consists on 3 types;

The Infantry has had many outcasts, as they have broken the creed and they fend for themselves in the wilderness.

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