Void Templarian Marine Corps
Void Templar Marine Corps
VT Marine

A lone Marine (MT)

Title The Void Templarian Naval Infantry
Founding October 1st 1796
Founder: Admiral Richard Templar
Active Personnel 193,000 active duty and 40,000 reserve Marines

Starting outEdit

During the time of the 2nd Templarian Empire, the Grand Admiral of the Templarian Navy saw the need for a liquid defense force, able to move around the empire as needed to defend it from threats, and to enforce the laws of the Homeland. The original Marines, a 100 strong unit of the best soldiers in the army, were stationed on board the VTN Hammerfell. They wore dark green coat with golden buttons and lapels, as well as a black scarf and beret. They were trained in ship-to-ship combat, jungle combat, close combat , both unarmed and with edged weapons, ranged combat using musket, artillery and cavalry combat. They were the ultimate fighting force of 18th century Varius, feared by all even though they were small in number. After 4 years testing, more and more marines were being trained and stationed on every ship. In 10 years, every ship had at least a small contingent of marines. The entire empire was covered by this formidable force. Even when the empire was disbanded in 1884, the marines were still in service. They protected trading ships from pirates, as well as adding extra strength to the already formidable navy.

In Modern TimesEdit

The modern marine force is even more formidable than their older incarnation. Their black reinforced kevlar armor can withstand almost any round short of a .50 caliber, and has specialist modifications, such as an inbuilt oxygen tank (which can be connected to their gaskmasks) and jet propellers in the boots. This makes them extremely dangerous as ship hunters. One of their favorite wartime tactics is to hunt for enemy vessels in unique submarines. Upon finding one, they will deploy out of special airlocked tunnels. They will swim up to the front of the ship, plant explosives based of depth charges on the exterior hull, reboard the subs and detonate the charges, blasting a hole in the ship below the water line, quickly sinking it. However, due to danger such as being killed by the propellers, this tactic is only employed on high ranking targets that are worth risking death or injury. The marines still defend colonies around Varius faithfully.

In Future TimesEdit

The Marines have progressed even further. They have all but replaced the army, and included in their ranks are a great spectrum of units, ranging from combat marines to space troopers, designed to kill enemy bombers. Every class above frigate has marines on board, making boarding extremely difficult if not impossible on higher class vessels.


A combat marine on Karasi V (FT)


A engineer marine (MT)


A group of marines in front of their Ocelot APC (MT)

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