Voi the Holy
Voi The Holy
Title Empress of Void Temple,
• Reference
• Spoken
Lady Emperess
Holy Daughter
Birthdate November 11th, 2532
Place of Birth: Moon of the Harvest, Void Temple
Spouse Unmarried
Children None
Religion Icyenic
Date of Coronation May the 11th, 2553
Languages spoken Templian, Latin, English

Voi is the Empress of the Void Temple and was given the title after both her mother and father were assassinated and she saved the capital city (Chrisial 'n Gysegr-lân Dirio) from a bigass nuke. She was realized to be the daughter of the Holy Zilyana after the incident.

Life before her TitleEdit

Voi lead a simple life, living in the farm town on "Moon of the Harvest." She was born in November 11th, 2532. Her mother (Septima) was believed to be single, and had Voi with the Emperor; Tenkeo. Septima was in a love circle with him, but refused to tell anyone. She ditched the baby in Moon of the Harvest by a poor family's home. When she was 12, she was found by Tenkeo and shamed Septima for her deed. After so, she was given the life of luxury. Until she was 19, she lived with Tenkeo in the Crystal Palace. She then found a condo and 'Hi-Jacked' her father's Ghost. Her mother and father were assassinated gruesomely. Bullet through Tenkeo's Skull, and a Dagger in Septima's.

Her CoronationEdit

In the year of 2553, Voi was given the title of Empress of the Void after she saved the Void from certain disaster. It took place in the Crystal Palace's Grand Stairs, where she descended the 1000 steps of pure crystal to receive the Holy Garb of the Seraphims, along with the Sword of the Seraphim and her crown, embedded with Rubies, Sapphires and made out of Crystal from the Grotto that Zilyana was birthed in.


The Holy Sword of the Seraphims

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