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The Vlack Sturmian Flag

The United Uber-States of Vlack Sturm is a large nation, devoted to war. Vlack Sturm's government is led by Premier Hans Von Schredder and his top piority is the defense of his nation. The military has a steady growing number of two million soldiers, sailors, marines, naval infantry, and airmen. Vlack Sturm's religions are: Wolfism (the monothestic religion of Silver Fang), Christianity, Islam, and The Jewish religion.


Vlack Sturm was founded by a group of militarists of the Shroud Empire on January 14, 2033. Thirty years after it was founded, the Admiral of the Protectorate Navy, Gustav Von Schredder, led a revolution to free Vlack Sturm from the Shroud Empire. Admiral Schredder became the first premier of Vlack Sturm, and he reigned for twenty years before his son, Boris Von Schredder.

Translation of Name Edit

Vlack Sturm means Black Wolf in the native language of the Black Wolf

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