United States of Dovithian
Dovithian 563105
Government: Dictatorship
Population 324 million
Tax Rate: 13%

Currency: Yuvon

National Animal: Dragon
Dictator: Dictator Miraak Balthazar

Founding: as far as 2000BC+

Unification: 812AD

Capital: Dovithian City

Largest City: Solstice

Language(s): Anceint Dragon, Dovith


Anceint HistoryEdit

Not much is known about anceint Dovithians until 1500BC when a large library was build in what is now Solstice which indicated that the 7 Provinces were seperated until 812AD, when High King Yngol conquered all of the Dovithian region.

Records also show that around 1500BC, the Dragons were not the smaller docile beasts they are now, but large bird-like reptiles that caused havoc. 

Middle Age HistoryEdit

Due to the whole Dovithian region being surrounded by mountians, it was not until 1673AD that Dovithians made contact with other countries.

Shortly after the unification of Dovithian, forming the Dovithian Empire, that in 873AD High King Yngol died of old age at the age of 82. In his will, it procreed that Dovithian would be turned into a "Land ruled by a King with limited powers elected by the people". This lasted until 1781AD when rising tensions and division between the States caused the breakup of the crumbling Dovithian Empire, until in 1823AD they were unified under a Democracy where there President had most control, but was limited to one 7 year term.

Recent HistoryEdit

As of now, the USD has been formed into a Dictatorship by Dictator Miraak Balthazar, in which he has taken the country from the brink of another breakup to a brighter and more economically brighter future.


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