The USSCR was formed in an effort to unite Socialist Nations, since her founding, popularity among several nations who have tooken liking to the governmental hospitality of the Nation have joined in as states. The founder, Chyeknovostan Republic a country with a population that ever grows, became the main head state of the Federation when it was founded. However to ensure that power wasn't completely in the hands of the Chyekish Government.Kartovskiy a Chyekish Premier allowed other states certain powers in the Red Council or governing body of the USSCR. The USSCR, Looks as though it's a region but in aspect it is considered to be a Federation. Though it is a region it operates as one single Nation much of like the USSR was in her days. The smart governing by the Chyekish Premier led to the peaks in technology and economic values in the USSCR. The once Capital of the USSCR was Chyeknograd, a city with once a population of 23 million people which has dwindled to about 900,000 due to a violent civil war, is located on the Coast facing the Sea of Natasha. The new Capital is Blesva a city on Senko Lake,the largest lake in the Federation.

The Map of the United Socialist State of the Common Republics or USSCR is Below.

Yellow names are names of Countires and Capitals. Blue names in black squares are landmass names. White names are Bodies of water. 1inch equals 1500 miles


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