Type 95
Type Infantry fighting vehicle
Place of origin Flag of Jeuna Jeuna
Production history
Manufacturer Hsaio Motor Corp.
Unit cost $4.15 million USD
Produced 1995–present
Number built >1000
Weight 21.5 tonnes
Length 6.8 m
Width 3 m
Height 2.25 m
Crew 3 (commander, gunner, driver)
12 troops

Armor 'Shoupai' armor scheme w/ Shujex spall liner
Cui Armaments 30 mm autocannon (1000 rounds)
TOW/FTK-6 anti-tank missile
7 missiles
M240 7.62 mm machine gun
2250 rounds
Engine Hsiao Motor Corp. HM DX 1228 Yo-9 turbocharged diesel
710 hp (530 kW)
Power/weight 33.02 hp/tonne
Transmission Epicyclic automatic 6-gear transmission
Suspension torsion bar
600 km
Speed 68 km/h (road)
50 km/h (cross-country)

The Type 95 (Chinese: 98步兵輽厮杀; pinyin: jiǔ bā shí bùbīng bènsīshā, also known by the factory designation BB-428) is the Jeunese Army's principal infantry combat vehicle.


In the early 90s, the Jeunese military began to re-evaluate its fleet of M113 armored personnel carriers and M2/M3 IFVs. The decision to produce a domestic vehicle, rather than procure a foreign model, came about as a result of Jeunese concerns about the effectiveness of models available to the military, but also as the result of the financial troubles of Hsiao Motor Corp., a domestic company that was and is a major source of jobs and income in Jeuna.

The general design specifications were forwarded to HMC early in 1992, and the next two years saw the development stage of the 'XB-92', as it was dubbed. This stage lasted for another two years, while the project changed faces numerous times. The design is conservative: the main armament is a conventional 30 mm chain gun, the engine is a V-12 diesel, run-flat wheels were foregone in favor of caterpillar tracks and the suspension system was designed as a simple torsion bar.

In 1995, the first prototype model was released for field testing, where it was accepted by the Jeunese military and given the designation Type 95/1. Subsequent upgrades since 1997 have been the inclusion of explosive reactive armor (upgraded to heavy ERA in 2001), a targeting systems upgrade and automation of the secondary 7.62 mm machine gun.


  • Type 95/1: Original model with 30 mm Cui Armaments autocannon
  • Type 95/105 (ZJC-105): Model with 105 mm smoothbore light cannon.
  • FKC-95: Anti-aircraft version with two four-missile anti-aircraft missile launchers and radar.
  • BQC-95: Recovery vehicle.
  • Type 95/C: Command vehicle.
  • Type 95/A (PGC-20): Artillery observation vehicle.

The artillery observation, command and recovery vehicles are only armed with a machine gun.