Type 89
Type Main battle tank
Place of origin Flag of Jeuna Jeuna
Service history
Used by Jeunese Army
Production history
Designed 19851987
Manufacturer Hsaio Motor Corp.
Produced 19891997
Number built >1000
Weight tonnes
Length 7.65 m (25.1 ft)
Width 3.8 m (12.47 ft)
Height 2.33 m (7.64 ft)
Crew 4 (commander, gunner, driver, loader)

Armor See Armor
WQ88 120 mm
2× 7.62 mm machine gun
12.7 mm M2 machine gun
Engine Turbocharged 1,200 hp (895 kW) HM DM 1240 Yo-7 4-stroke V-12 water-cooled diesel
2 kW auxiliary power unit
Power/weight 22.43 hp/tonne
Transmission Epicyclic automatic 6-gear transmission
Suspension Horizontal volute spring suspension
Ground clearance 46 cm (18.11 in)
Fuel capacity 1,800 L (475.5 US gal) (internal tank)
835 km (518.8 mi) (internal fuel, road mileage)
Speed 62 km/h (38.5 mph) (road); 46 km/h (28.6 mph) (off-road)

The Type 89 main battle tank (Chinese: 89式主戰坦克) is the first domestically-produced tank to be in service with the Jeunese Army. It was manufactured by Hsaio Defense, being originally a project of General Dynamics origin.


The Type 89 was developed as part of a program to aggressively upgrade Jeuna's military and give it a mechanized and armored force fully capable of fending off conventional attacks without the need for American aid, which until the late 70s was absolutely vital to Jeuna's survival as a country. Jeuna's tank force was desperately in need of an upgrade to deal with modern threats, and so a whole new built-from-scratch solution was drafted.

The Jeunese government consulted with General Dynamics to contract a tank design suitable for their interests, and in late 1985 the project commenced. In 1987 the project was presented to the Jeunese, who agreed to purchase the tank, despite concerns of the firepower of the tank versus T-72s of Soviet design, and production rights were handed over to Hsaio Defense (a domestic Jeunese company). The first tanks were finished in early 1989 and entered service December of that year, after further maneuverability and firepower tests.


The Type 89 is a 53.5-tonne tank, originally armed with a 105 mm smoothbore main gun (a lengthened Royal Ordnance L7, upgraded to 120 mm in 2001) and ceramic armor. It includes a heavily-sloped glacis plate, taking a cue from both the Abrams and Chieftain, with the driver positioned in a highly-reclined seat. The suspension chosen consisted of horizontal volute springs (the "Easy Eight", in this case with eight roadwheels, an idler compensator and drive sprocket; the former at the fore and the latter at the rear), with armored side-skirts to protect the suspension and tracks. The tank's transmission is epicyclic, with six gears: three forward and three reverse. The turret was laid out so that the loader was to the left, the gunner to the rear, and the commander behind and slightly above the gunner.


Variants and upgradesEdit

  • Type 89 (baseline): Production started in 1989, included bustle rack, pressurized NBC system and 105 mm smoothbore cannon.
  • Type 89-U: Updates to keep pace with Type 97UP. Includes replacement of 105 mm WQ76 with WQ88 120 mm.
  • Type 89-D: Improvement package to keep pace with Type 97-D.

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