Tungsten Dynamics is the mechanized branch of the PMC system. Ground, air, and sea are all protected with mechanized vehicles and defense systems. There is also an infantry element to Tungsten Dynamics as well, which exists as an assault force.

Tungsten Dynamics (PMC)
Founded 1998
Service branches Air Defense Force
Maritime Patrol
Armored Brigade
Headquarters Marris
Military age 18-45 years old
Available for
military service
150,000, age 18-49 (February 2008.)
Fit for
military service
, age 18-49  (February 2008.)
Reaching military
age annually
N/A (February 2008.)
Active personnel 33,000
Reserve personnel Civil Protection
Budget $802 Million (30% 2008 est.)
Percent of GDP 18% (2008)

Armor and Tactical Gear:Edit


TD Soldiers training on a sea platform off of Alranar.

Armored BrigadeEdit

The armored brigade deploys various mechanized units for combat. Its primary deployment vehicle is the M7 Main Battle Tank. Other vehicles are the Multiple Rocket Launch System v2, Armored Combat Scout, Armored Troop Transport 6, Multiple Burst Artillery Unit 4, and the Armored Fortress. The Armored Brigade works with the other branches within the PMC in order to accomplish specific tasks. This branch of the PMC is the largest branch and many of the employees can be found within the Armored Brigade.

Air Defense ForceEdit

The air defense of Alranar is of utmost importance for the island nation. The ADF uses AC 130 Gunships for much of the protection force, but it also has AA7 tactical fighters to intercept other small aircraft. The ADF also works with the MP for joint missions since the two branches are the most important defense branches that are available to Alranar. The ADF also has a number of small service aircraft as well that act as suppliers for the main forces. Helicopter are almost never used surprisingly. The V-22 Osprey is the primary troop deployment craft because it offers great versatility and maneuverability.

Maritime PatrolEdit

Civil ProtectionEdit

The civil protection is the government funded policing branch of Alranar. Since the defense of Alranar has been privatized, the civil protection works with the laws of the government ensuring that they are carried out effectively and that all citizens obey the laws that have been enacted. During times of war, the Civil Protection are called upon to serve in the higher skilled branches to ensure the survival of the nation.

Alranarflag The Republic of Alranar Alranarflag
Main article: Alranar

Major Corporations: Altech, Cybersystems, Tungsten Dynamics, Temple Arms, Alranar Pharmaceuticals
People: Edin Grüber
Major Cities: Alloria, Marris, Tyaris

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