Coordinates: 44°06′N 39°04′E / 44.1, 39.067

Coat of Arms of Tuapse

Coat of arms of Tuapse

Tuapse (Russian: Туапсе́; Adyghe: ТIуапсэ) is a town in Adygea, situated on the northeast shore of the Black Sea, south of Gelendzhik and north of Sochi. It is the administrative center of Tuapsinsky District. Population: 64,238 (2002 Census); 63,081 (1989 Census). Tuapse is a sea port and the northern centre of a resort zone which extends south to Sochi.

Tuapse is a large centre for the Shapsugs, with about 10,000 speakers of the language living in Tuapse. The name of the town is itself Adyghe (tʷʼa.psə, or "two waters"), although it was also attested in early Greek sources as Topsida.

The modern settlement was founded in 1838 as the Russian fort of Velyaminovskoye. A year later, the Shapsugs occupied and razed it, but it was promptly rebuilt. During the Crimean War, the Ottomans seized the fort and held it for two years (1857-59). Between 1875 and 1897 the village was known as Velyaminovsky Posad; it received municipal rights in 1916.

The Soviets developed Tuapse as an oil terminal and depot. An oil pipeline from Maykop and Grozny was in operation by 1928, designed by Vladimir Shukhov. An oil refinery dates from the same period. The Nazis attempted to seize its facilities during the Battle of the Caucasus, which caused major damage to the city.

The Russian Children Center Orlyonok (former Adyghe SSR Young Pioneer camp) is located there. The world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik and 2005 Miss Universe winner, Natalie Glebova, were born in Tuapse.

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