Tìr nan Clèireach (English: Land of the Clerics), often called Clerkland in English, is a country that occupies northern regions of the United Celtic Nations. It is part of the United Celtic Nations and shares a land border with several other UCN member states. It is bounded by the North Sea to the east.

Dunaiden (Albannach: Dùn Èideann), the country's capital and largest city is one of the UCN's largest financial centres and is one of the region's leading industrial metropolises. Tìr nan Clèireach's waters consist of a large sector of the North Sea, containing the largest oil and gas reserves in the United Celtic Nations.

Since the 1980s, Tìr nan Clèireach has seen sweeping economic reforms, free trade within the UCN, and diversification from oil, gas and fishing to new economic fields in services, various industries and especially finance.

Today Tìr nan Clèireach has some of the world's highest levels of economic freedoms as well as civil freedoms. As of 2007, Tir nan Cleireach is the least corrupt nation of the United Celtic Nations and one of the most egalitarian. It is one of the most productive countries per capita in the UCN.

Albannach (TnC) Celts have a rich culture and heritage, preserved and passed down in poetry and folktales as well as magnificant and awe inspiring buildings and monuments.

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