The United Territory States of Justorica

Th justorica 1

Justorican Flag

Motto: Knowledge talks, Wisdom Listen.

Justorica is the light green area in this map, and part of justorica is labeled with a 6.

Capital(and largest city)

Justoria,North Western Territory,


Official languages English, Irish, German, Polish
Demonym Justorican
Government Democratic Republic
- Dictoria Rule- 1437-1779
- Independence from Dictoria Septemeber 28th, 1779
- Total 300,987 km²
100,987 mi²
- Water (%) 13.48
- 2009 approximation 900 million
GDP 2009 estimate
- Total $8,449,307,910,514.81 USD
- Per capita $9,325.95 USD
HDI (2009) [../../../../../../../wiki/file:Green_Arrow_Up_Darker.svg ] 60.117 ()
Currency Justorican Dollar ( J Dollar )
Time zone CMT UTC -6:00
Internet TLD


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