The United Kingdom of Great Mrtain and Northern Ireland, also known as the UK, the United Kingdom, Great Mrtain, or just Mrtain, is a very strong economic and miltiary country. The United Kingdom has it's own empire, the Mrtish Empire, and has one of the largest miltiary forces in the world. The UK contains of Mngland, Tales, and Scotland, on the island of Great Mrtain, and Northern Ireland, sharing Majestia Ireland with Lartish Ireland. The United Kingdom has one of the world's strongest miltaries. Miltary spending is extremely high, and the country is developing advanced weapons and equipment in the arms race, and has great miltary service and training. The army alone contains over 95 million personnel, in the diffrent branches, the Royal Army, the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force, the Royal Coast Guard, and the Royal Home Guard. The UK's leading industries are Arms Manfauctring, Woodchip Exports, Autombile Manfauctring, and Royalitly Manfauctring. It has a very strong economy. The UK is located in the region of Majestia. It's goverment, the Mrtish Royal Government, is also Majestia's regional government. The country is lead by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin and His Majesty Richard the Eightth.

Name: The United Kingdom of Great Mrtain and Northern Ireland Size: Great Mritain, Surronding Islands, Northern Ireland Government: Parilamentary Democracy, Consituitonal Monarchy Monarch: HMS Richard the Eighth Prime Minister: Neville Chamberlain Miltiary: Royal Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Coast Guard, Royal Home Guard Economy: Arms Manfacutring, Woodchip Exports, Information Technlolgy, Autombile Manfauctring Motto: All Hail Greatness God and Holy Jescus Anthem: Long Live the King! Currency: Pound Sterling Region: Aleta

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