Nationstates region
The United Kingdom
UKRegional Flag
Population 299 (18th largest region)
Delegate The United Kingdom of Great British Islands
Founder The Imperial Majesty of Conservative UK
External website UK regional forum, Facebook page

The United Kingdom, is a region in the NationStates cyberworld. It is a region which is based on British values and politics, although the political system has been experiencing radical change over the past few weeks. The region was founded approximately 18 months ago, although the exact date has been hard to verify; and has been fortunate to have been always growing, whereas many other regions in NationStates are currently undergoing a period of decline. From April 2007, the position of UN Delegate was occupied by Sir Reg Empey. However, in December 2007, the delegacy changed hands and is now currently occupied by Great British Islands. The position of Prime Minister, provisional leader of The United Kingdom, is also in Sir Reg Empey's hands. No established government system is being followed, since inactivity due to the recent exam period has meant that the current constitution cannot be followed; and The United Kingdom has had to have delayed its elections for quite a while, and therefore the government cabinet has been appointed based purely on Sir Reg Empey's decisions, as opposed to following a democratic route. Sir Reg Empey, though, plans to reinstall the democratic government system which has existed since the birth of the region, as soon as more nations become active again as the year progresses.

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