The Tribal Commonwealth of 21 Tribes

“Hail to the Tribal Commonwealth”
Language|Official Language(s) English, German, Latin
Demonym Tribals (though they also go by their specific tribe demonym)
Capital City Einheit
Population aprox 50,000,000
Region The Second Republic Alliance
Prince Chief Johann of the Teutons
State Animal Wolf

The Tribal Commonwealth of 21 Tribes, commonly called 21 Tribes, is a Tribal Commonweath in, and the founder of, The Second Republic Alliance. The Tribal Commonwealth 21 Tribes as its name suggests is comprised of 21 Tribes and each tribe has a varying number of clans.

The Prince-Chief of the Tribal Commonwealth is also the Governor-Gerneral of The Second Republic Alliance. Founded with the same philosophy that the Tribal Commonwealth was founded and that is that there should be balance between the Upper Government and the Lower Government which in the case of the The Second Republic Alliance is balance between Regional government and National governments and in the case of the Tribal Commonwealth is balance between the Assembly of Chiefs and the lower governments of the separate tribes.

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