Республика Гренет

Respublika Grenet 

The Republic of Grenetar



Coat of Arms
Motto Мир и Свобода!- Peace and Liberty!
Languages Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh
Capital Volodovsk
Largest City Rostov-on-Don
Population 215 million
Government Type Undefined
Nation Type Democracy
National Animal Golden Eagle
GDP Cr 2.23 trillion
Currency  - Code Lev (L3)
Economy Stats: Grenetar Economy Info

Grenetar, officially known as The Republic of Grenetar, is a country located in in southern Eurasia. It is a democratic nation, comprised of 10 federal states. The Republic of Grenetar is positioned in Europe, it's borders consist of: The Russian Federation north, Khazakstan northeast, Caspian Sea east, Azerbaijan southeast, Georgia south, Black Sea southwest, Ukraine, and the Sea of Azov west, Ukraine northwest. Home to 215 million people, this nation is one of the smallest nations in the world. Grenetar has one of the largest hydroelectric reserves in the world. 

History of The Republic of Grenetar

The history begins with that of political disputes in the year 1999, the Southern Russians in the Caususus region did not appreciate the Russian government, (also because of political disputes) and how it was treating them, an uprising from Grozny, and Novorossiysk was set into motion. The Russian 58th Army was sent into the Caucusus region of Southern Russia to counter the rebels from Grozny, and Novorossiysk. The rebels pushed up the lands to the Volgograd Oblast's capital of Volgograd. Later that same month The Russian Federation surrendered the lands south of the city of Volgograd, the Russian government did not care for the lands south of Volgograd anymore, and arose a new nation called The Republic of Grenetar(Республика Гренет).

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