Overview Edit

The Ocelatonian Military, or the Ocelatonian Guard, is known to be one of the most feared fighting forces within Eastern Europe. Due to Ocelatonia's economical prosperity, these troops are armed with the latest weaponry, wear the most powerful armor, and pilot the most technologically advanced vehicles in modern military combat. The Ocelatonian Guard was first established after the Ocelatonian Revolution, taking the place of the former Soviet Guard. Since then billions in government funding has gone towards weapon research. The result, the strongest fighting force in military history.

Ocelatonian Guard - OCV

Ocelatonian Guards during the Ocelatonian Civil War

The Ocelatonian Civil War Edit

During the Ocelatonian Civil War, the Ocelatonian Guard fought for the Nationalist rule in an attempt to keep control over the small, politically ravaged nation. Commanded by General Sergei Gorbachov and Commissioner Adamska Shalashaska, the Ocelatonian Guard emerged victorious in the war against the rebels and established a new rule over the country of Ocelatonia. Post war Ocelatonia became a heavily governed nation, ruled by only the highest in rank to prevent another such civil war. The newly formed Father Knows Best State was secured by the Guard as they provided the main police force over the nation.

At the same year as the Ocelatonian Civil War ended, the Ocelatonian Ballistic Corporation shut down. This put a huge strain on the Ocelatonian Guard as they were low in munitions and weaponry. They soon invested in the Ocelatonian Weaponry Corporation which supplied them with more advanced, but expensive technology. This corporation was soon bought out by the Ocelatonian government, lowering domestic sale prices.

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