The Most Serene Republic of Hironese is a nation located in The Feline Region. The nation is a democracy and the current President is Hironese who has been the President since the nation was founded. The national currency is the Balinese Meow and the national animal is the Balinese Cat. The motto is "Coercion when Consensus Fails".

Government Edit

The Most Serene Republic of Hironese is a democracy. The Head of State is the President. The current President is Hironese. Hironese has been the president since the nation was founded and was also the founder of the nation. Hironese is extremely well loved by his people. In every election that has been held Hironese has won with 100% of the vote. Interestingly Hironese has always run unopposed. Only five people have ever run against him but none of them actually made it to the election. Two were killed in a freak accident when they accidentally fell down an elevator shaft and landed on some bullets, another candidate accidentally shot himself repeatedly while polishing his gun and another one tragically stabbed himself repeatedly in the chest and stomach while shaving.

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