The Holy Empire of the Tyranniod Overlords Edit

Is a nation in the region of kambov, a large collection of islands that borders New York, Russia, Norway, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Nigeria.

The Empire of the Tyranniod overlords was established in 1200 BC. it quickly became a naval power, conquering much of kambov and establishing trade all over the world. With this trade came a wealth of new knowledge, increasing the power of the Tyranniod overlords greatly. it established over seas colonies in 1000 BC. The Tyranniod overlords colonized North and South America , Mexico, Asia, and Europe. in 200 AD. the empire had already been slowly collapsing for more than a thousand years, but it still hung on to its colonies with a relentless grip even though there was constant rebellion and wars with rival nations and new empires. in 500 AD. all it was left with was kambov. But it began to lose its control over even that. the final collapse was in the 18th century when it lost most of its control over kambov. But even with that lose it continued to be the most powerful nation in all of kambov even into the present. and old saying in The Holy Empire of the Tyanniod overlords is that "either be on top, or die hard". those wods describe the Tyranniod overlords perfectly.

In todays times the Tyranniod overlords is starting to recover. It is a massive, economic power in its region. Also, it is a corrupt, militant society that focuses heavily on advancing technologies, and on increasing profits. It has a host of high tech weaponry at its disposal. and it is not afraid to use them.

Its dictator leader, William the cruel, will destroy rain forests, wreck cities, turn mountians into rubble, and ruin public health to gain profit and power, and the latest in high tech gadgets.

This nations is one of the only nations in the world to sell tiberium, a green glowing crystal that is the one of the most unstable forms of matter in the universe, so has great potential as a power supply, and as deadly nuclear weapons.

a favorite sport in this nation is to round up and shoot poets. there are thousands of booby traps at the border, waiting to slain innocent illegal immigrants, and the whole thing is caught on video to make a game show called "who wants to be a immigrant?".

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