From the official dispatch ~

The great ns expedition headquarters 939502

The Great NS Expedition was born on the fateful day of January 4th of 2015 and was the brainchild of one The Rogue Nation of Ava Ire (that's me!).

I had been trawling NS regions for since my founding in November 2014, reaching a pretty substantial number of regions in a short frame of time. 20+ regions so far. The first "region explorer" nation of its kind, I had gone through many of the greats, staying only to say hello on the RMB. I then started talking to The United Meritocratic Islands of Serrian. In the course of asking a couple of questions about it, I was quite surprised that he wanted to join me in my quest across NS. He would send out a puppet to travel with me! :D

One the same day, The Nomadic Peoples of Expedition Alpha set out from The Serrian Dominion, accompanying me as I entered yet another region, Black Mesa Islands. Other friends, The Peaceful Republic of Anollasia, The Borderlands of Mindless Kittens, and The Kingdom of Alsuna, have come along to join us!

By the time you get around to reading this, our little traveler group will have moved on, going along in search of greener pastures... or just a bit of fun.
And as long as your borders are open, you can count on one thing: one day, we'll pop by and say hello.
Expect us.

~Ava Ire

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