The Confederate Flag


Following the end of the Therecefalian Civil War (1794-1817), the UCT government established a small provisional government before the official Confederate government could be established. Until 1817, the Old Government, made up of the still-active Patriotic rebel leaders, was run by Prime Minister Nevil Lainchamber who planned on transforming the Kingdom's old Parliament into a Congress. His plan became reality and allowed his best General, Michael Price, to become the first Confederate Chancellor. Lainchamber, the leader of the Patriotic Confederacy since 1797, decided it was time to resign due to old age and growing illness. The First Congress was convened January 1st, 1818 and led to the official forming of the United Confederacy of Therecefal, originally known only as the Therecefal Provisional Government. Chancellor Price then went on to divide the nation into five united provinces: Brookhaven, Westriver, New Astoria, Serdera, and Graceland each with a Governor and Provincial Militia. He then saught to form three separate political parties for the use of debate and election in his nation: Conservatives, Liberals, and Nationalists. His government still lives on today after thirty-three Chancellors have come and passed, changing and evolving the government for the better over the last two centuries. 

Electoral Process

The Chancellor is chosen by the people of Therecefal. Usually Senators or Representatives or even Governors are chosen from a group of five potential candidates within their own party. After they are chosen, they go in the Primary Elections. The Chancellor usually is elected by the highest number of votes by populous or the highest number of electoral votes by district within the Provinces. Once the Chancellor is chosen, he appeals before Congress for a final vote and is then submitted into the House of Chancellory in Embry City. He then moves on to selecting his Ministers and Staff Leaders before his innaguration on January 1st, New Years Day.
Chancellor Graves

Chancellor Howard M Graves

Current Government 

The current Confederate government isrun by the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor followed by a Cabinet of Ministers, in charge of their own Ministries and departments. The Congress is run by the Minister of Congress who is voted in by Congress from three candidates selected by the Chancellor. The current Chancellor is Howard Graves, Conservative from Brookhaven with his Vice Chancellor Edward Ackerman from Westriver. His current major advisors include Chief of Staff Albert Whitburn, Minister of Defense George Hersey, Minister of Internal Security Angellica Drescall, Treasurey Minister Marcus Samson, Congress Minister Mary Hayley, and Minister of State Timmothy Broderick. 
Chancellor Ackerman

Vice Chancellor Edward S Ackerman

Chief of Staff Whitburn

Chief of Staff Albert Whitburn

Defense Minister Hersey

Defense Minister George Hersey

Internal Security Minister Drescall

Internal Security Minister Angellica Drescall

Congress Minister Hayley

Congress Minister Mary Hayley

Treasurey Minister Samson

Treasurey Minister Marcus Samson

Minister of State Broderick

State Minister Tim Broderick

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