Nationstates region
The East Pacific
The east pacific 457832
Population  4, 182 (4th largest region)
Delegate Bachtendekuppen
Founder Game created
External website East Pacific forums

The East Pacific is one of the 'feeder' regions in Nationstates. It is a region where new nations start out, along with the four other Pacifics. The region has no founding nation as it is game created. the current World Assembly Delegate is Bachtendekuppen. The World Factbook Entry as of December 20, 2013 is:

The Sovereign East

Endorse delegate Bachtendekuppen & viziers Todd McCloudEast MalaysiaRezielA Slanted Black Stripe and A mean old man! Endocap is at 15 for nations not endorsing the Delegate and 120 for others!More info here.

Join the Forums! Get your Caek today! New to the region? Check this out. Discover the Law of the Land: Scriptum Pacificus Orientalem.

TEP wants you! Take a look: East Pacific Sovereign Army East Pacific Police Service East Pacific News Service TEP University!

Looking for an embassy with TEP? Talk to the Delegate or Minister of FA Old Federalia. Adspam will be supressed on sight. Spammers will be ejected.(RMB Act.)

RMB Topic: In honor of O'Toole: Your favorite drunken adventure? (Suggest Topics here.)

Link to main page here: The East Pacific

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