The Corrupt Robot Elders of Derkaderkaville is a nation created by Brendan Dell, which makes reference to the show Futurama in the title. The Corrupt Robot Elders were the secret leaders of a robot planet, and were under the impression that humans were evil.


Derkaderkaville have made a few movements into other regions. From originating in The West Pacific, it has moved to Qwendra, then to Futurama, and is currently residing in The Featured Region Followers


The people of Derkaderkaville were a technologically advanced country for thousands of years, until the uprising of machines.

A very Terminator/Matrix like war ensued, which lasted 4 decades, where many people died, and just as many robots. Eventually a treaty was formed, when the humans were starting to lose. The treaty put a group of 5 robots in charge, who dispense justice in an unfair (robots will never be charged if a human can be blamed for it), but equal way (ie. a punishment for murder will be the same, no matter what the circumstances behind it is).

Secret underground societies of humans exist to try to quell to robot rule, and put rule back into the hands of humans. Some research ways of creating androids which are part human, part machine, to create Super Soldiers which can fight the robots. Others research ways of creating people with Super Powers, generally with the use of nuclear waste, but with not a lot of success.

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