The Community of Pacay

1280px-Flag of Tonga.svg-1-
MottoUnwavering Determination

(and largest city)
Official language EnglishPacenese
Government Liberal Democratic Socialist
Prime Minister Pedro Montez

The Colony of Pacay: 873 - 1504

Pacaidian Theocracy: 1506 - 1878

Community of Pacay: 1893 - present

- Total 247,401 km²
Water (%) 50,200 km²
- 2012 estimate 6,000,000
- Density 24.29 /km²
GDP (PPP) 2012 estimate
- Total LCc 139 billion
- Per capita LCc 23,224  
Currency Libereco (LCc)
Time zone VST (UTC+5)
- Summer (DST) +1 (UTC+3)
Internet TLD .py
Calling code +199

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