The 11 Day War (1976)
Indonesian Old Republic Soldiers on Patrol
Date June 23 - July 4, 1976
Location The Indonesian States
Result Victory to the Old Republic. The Nederlandse Overheid is overthrown
Nederlandse Overheid The Democratic Old Republic
'President' Alan van Weldenvaren Soebanto
19,000 30,000
Casualties and losses
18,000 5,000

After the Old Republic captured Jakarta, the then capital city of the Indoneisan States, The Nederlandse Overheid retreated across Java, into south-western Sumatra. A city in that area, populated almost completely by Dutch supporters of the Nederlandse Overheid, housed the Overheid soldiers and politicians. They claimed that this city was the new Capital of the Indonesian States, and that the Old republic had not destroyed the rightful government, the Overheid. The Old Republic then sent soldiers to take over the city. They quickly captured the jungles by the city, and then demanded that the Nederlandse Overheid surrender. They refused.

The 11 Day War starts as the Old Republic Army, under General Soebanto, fires Artillery at the city - named Nieue Batavia. This artillery firing stops later in the day. The Overheid soldiers send 200 men to surprise the soldiers, but the attack failed. The next day, another artillery barrage is sent to the Nederlandse, but again they refuse to negotiate. Now, the solders charge into the city with tanks and armored vehicles. The Overheid Army showed little resistance at first - making the Indonesian Old Republic army gain almost half of the city limits in 3 days. When they get near the Capital building, however, the fighting becomes fierce, and The Old Republic Army gains only an average of 4 houses a day. However, they eventually broke down the gates into the Capital building and seiged the capital - after a deadly fight within the building. The Nederlandse Overheid President, Alan van Weldenvaren, is forced to surrender.

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