The Thaplacian Empire Millitary is the Millitary of all the nations in the Thaplacian Empire. The troops and supplies in the millitary have been supplied from all the nations in the Empire, but the Millitary itself is based in the nation A Guy Called Death.

Men: 650,050,213
Aircraft: 198,899,987
Tanks: 9,789,145
Head: Zolt Retuka

Wars: None

Thaplacian Empire Army CorpsEdit

The army Corps of the Thaplacian Empire consists of 520,432,000 men and is primarily based in A Guy Called Death. Other nations which the army is based in includes New Big Paperclips and Stuffed Taxidermists is housing some 10,000,000 soldiers.The Corps duties consist of General protection of the country, Policing in the Cannibalism areas of Stuffed Taixdermists and A Guy Called Death, and marching on Independence and Commemoration day. The Corps training is kown to be tough and gruelling, and many men are known to have been beaten to death by the training instructors.

Thaplacian Empire Specialist ForcesEdit

The Specialist forces of the Thaplacian Empire consist of 10,000 men, and are Urban Legend to many of the citizens of the Empire.Their training area is not known and they are rarely seen in any operations. The Goverment usually sends them out on International Aid missions, and many people in the anti war movement believe the mebers of the Forces are sent to Assasinate certain political members of the Empire and other nations. Their weapons are said to be extremely advanced, some even say they are laser type rifles. They are known to use Desert Eagles in many of their International Aid Missions.

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