Thaplace was a nation often resided in the region Alliance of the Axis Powers.

It was a raider nation and has many puppets

Early ThaplaceEdit

Thaplace was made for raiding and for many weeks it was searching for the perfect raiding region.

It found this in the Alliance of the Axis Powers. Thaplace was Vice President of the Alliance for a few weeks.


Thaplace has raided three regions all of those being Warzones. One of its puppets holds the delegate position for Warzone Africa.

Thaplace had a long raiding career.

Kazakhstani Thaplacian EmpireEdit

Thaplace was also the head nation of the Thaplacian Kazakhstani Empire. The Empires home region was Kazakhstani Bananaboat Place and some of the main nations in the Empire included A Guy Called Death, New Thaplace and many others. The Empire still lives on with eight nations in the Empire, A Guy Called Death, New New Thaplace and many more. A Guy Called Death is the new head nation.

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