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The primary regulator of telecommunications in Adygea is the Federal Communications Authority, which is largely an organisational body of standards; region-level offices do much of the enforcing.

Telephones Edit

Telephones - main lines in use: ??? (2007)
Telephones - mobile cellular: ??? (2007)

Telephone systems in urban areas, especially in Maykop, Krasnodar and other large regional capitals, have modern digital infrastructures; cellular services, both analog and digital, are available in many areas. In rural areas, the telephone services are still outdated and low density.

Adygea is connected internationally by one fibre-optic cable in the port city of Novorossiysk; digital switches in several cities provide more than 10,000 lines for international calls; satellite earth stations provide access to Inmarsat, Intersputnik and Intelsat.

Radio Edit

Radios: ??? (2002)
Radio broadcasting stations: AM ???, FM ???, shortwave ?? (2002).

Television Edit

Televisions: ??? (2002) Television broadcast stations: ??? (2002)

Internet Edit

Main article: Internet in Adygea

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): 00 (1999)
Country code top-level domain: .ay

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