Tara Enyo Whyt
Femtrooper big
Title Her Royal Majesty, Empress Tara Whyt, Ruler of Void Templar and Her Colonies
• Reference
• Spoken
The Lady Emperess
Lady Tara
Birthdate December 28th, 1983
Place of Birth: St. Alean, Void Templar
Spouse Ernesto Cheark
Children Elizabeth Whyt (adopted)
Religion Kalist
Date of coronation September 11th 2002
Languages spoken Imperial Latin, Templarian, Galactic Basic, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German.
April 2nd 2018

Tara Whyt is the previous Empress of the Grand Kalist Empire of Void Templar. Coming to power after her father, Kain Templar, was assassinated in 2002, when she was 19. Since coming to power, she has adopted a policy of foreign interaction, as opposed to the xenophobic isolation policy adopted by her father. She is seen as a kind monarch by many, but she is also greatly respected by her soldier's for her trust in them and her tendency to fight alongside them.

Early LifeEdit

Tara's early life was a turbulent once. She was born during the 4th Rebellion, where the communist rebels of the VTLF (Void Templarian Liberation Force]] had gained enough support to attack major cities. Not only being born a very large target, she was an illegitimate child. Kain had been having an affair with his Foreign Minister, and Tara was the result. To avoid bad press, Kain had her dumped on one of his Grand Marshals, Kasoa Adrastos. She grew up in the life of a military commanders daughter, fully believing Kasoa to be her father.


After the assassination of Kain in 2002, the nation was thrown into turmoil. His two legitimate children, Prince Rafzekael and Prince Aristaeus were exiled and killed respectively. Kasoa came forward to the Loyalist forces with Tara and the foreign secretary, proclaiming Tara the new Empress. The loyalists, having no one else to turn to, accepted Tara without question or proof. Soon afterwards, she led the Legions on a series of successful battles and turned the tide of the war, eventually personally executing the rebel leaders. From here, the four houses pledged their allegiances to her, and she brought in with her a New Age of rulership by House Whyt.

The CoronationEdit

When the Rebellion was over, and the rebel leaders executed, Tara was coroneted Empress of the Void. She had a unique ceremony, mainly the leaving out of the Empress thanking of the parents. Instead, she had a small statue of Kasoa built in Akavari Palace's courtyard of the two of them.

Opening the DoorsEdit

Tara straight away begun her reign by declaring the isolation policy null and void. While this brought her under fire from a number of high ranking officials, she organized a section of Karasi to be an 'Embassy Square' for the Void, and also begun building embassies in other nations. This brought in new goods and importantly (to the Templars at least) new weaponry from the world, and the resistance she faced soon stifled and died away.

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