the republic of mharssurina is a republic that was founded on January 4 2014 by a group.

from January 4 to 7 the county's was governed by a group of 12 people when on the 7th they gave power to a 22 member government Known as the Mharssurina First cabinet that will govern it until the next Mharssurina 2014 Elections .

the county its lead by president Mark Guinness since 7 of January.

====laws of the land

since whan the county was formed the group and the first cabinet have put in place laws that are seen left wing.

1 voting is compulsory/ 5/1/2014

2 a rise of taxes for the wealthy to 100% if they gat more then 1 billion in negit/ 7/1/2014

3 euthanasia bill aka THE Newtown Bill witch legalize euthanasia/ 7/1/2014.

4 the social act help bill aka more money goes to help poor people, more funding to hospital. 8/1/2014

5 THE Crime Act aka the death penalty has been reintroduced 13/1/2014

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