The American Privateer Naval Force is the oldest and one of the largest Uniformed Services in The American Privateer. Formed around the core of the Armed Services of the United States of American Planets when a convoy of them began Planes Jumping, The American Privateer and the United States of American Planets seperated, most of the Army and Air Force Personnel going with the USAP, while the Naval Personnel went with Fleet Admiral Jack Ray. All of the other armed forces grew out of the fleet.

1st FleetEdit

Commanding Officer: Fleet Admiral Samuel Cole

Executive Officer: Admiral Toko Shu

The First Fleet is the primary representation of the TAP'ian Navy, and as such is made up of the best and brightest of the navy. They are Foward Deployed out of Ragnar Anchorage near the Entrance Gate, and are ready for rapid response missions and the primary line of defense against those who breach the first security cordone without permission of the TAP'ian Government.

The First Fleet is nicknamed the Big Stick, for Admiral Cole's Flagship, the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The insignia of the fleet is a pair of crossed Sai's upon a black diamond.

As per fleet doctrine, the 1st Fleet carries two of the Navy's Sovereign Class Super Star Destroyers. Being the Flagship Fleet, the First Navy also possess more warships than any other Fleet in the navy.

  • USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVB 1)
  • USS George Washington (CVB 2)

2nd FleetEdit

Commanding Officer:

Executive Officer:

The Second Fleet is a defensive force that is based out of the Hades Ring.

3rd FleetEdit

4th FleetEdit

5th FleetEdit

6th FleetEdit

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