Tæritha is a Kiravian territory in the Stirling Sea, composed of an archipelago of 17 islands.


Kiravian explorers had known of Tæritha for centuries, but the uninhabited island group had remained unclaimed and ignored until a Kiravian landowner, Faero Blackforest, decided to set up a colony there. His motive was to create a colony based on the values of personal right and privacy, economic liberalism, direct democracy, and community interaction.

400 colonists, plus Blackforest, arrived on Renton Island, and built the settlement of Rentsford. Over time, the population, boosted by recruits from relatives of Tærithans, grew to 4,000. Sociologists sent by the Imperial Academy confirmed that Blackforest's goals had been achieved in Tærithans society. However, the economy was small, and the low importance and population of the islands has mandated that they remain a Territory.

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