The Sun over Damanucus Hotel Chain is a series of hotels and resorts that operate across Damanucus, operated by hotel magnate Chance Delure. The chain was set up to take advantage of the results of a United Nations report about weather, which put Damanucus 2nd in its region and 4,392nd in the world.

The chain has its headquarters in Ferbenere, which is also home to a resort owned by the chain. Bookings can be made through the chain, the individual hotels, or the website

History Edit

Chance Delure, a second-generation millionaire and recent immigrant to Damanucus, opened her first hotel, Triolin Towers, on December 12th, 2006, five months after her arrival on the island's shores. The hotel's popularity was based almost exclusively on the many visitations by well-to-do locals who felt the hotel could act as another home to them, some even investing in rooms at the hotel. Considering this situation, Delure established the Gaia Beach Resort in Ferbenere and the low-cost Deshine Motel in Galliac of the Dorgan Province. In the same year (2007), the Sun over Damanucus chain was established, with the initial three hotels opened by Delure being included in the chain.

Active Hotels in the Chain Edit

Triolin Towers Edit

Triolin Towers is located in the centre of Triolin, and sports what are considered "Delure standards" such as well-equipped rooms (with climate control, telephony (including Internet), entertainment facilities, in-room kitchen, bedrooms and en-suites), public restaurant and bar, as well as an onsite pool and sauna, casino rooms on floors five and twelve, conference facilities, minibars and spas in every room, and in-hotel entertainment. It is the only five-star hotel in Damanucus.

Gaia Beach Resort Edit

Gaia Beach Resort is located along Gaia Beach in Ferbenere, Grandall Province, and is the first and only resort owned by the chain. The resort differs from other hotels in the chain by housing guests in individual villas, each with its own beach and rainforest facings, along with an onsite pool, kids club, rainforest walks and relaxation and meditation facilities.

Deshine Motel Edit

Deshine Motel is a low-cost motel located in Galliac in the Dorgen Province. Located within the city itself, it provides Delure standards, as well as easy access to the city's shops, eateries, and recreations.

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