THE HISTORY OF SOUTH97. the colony started on a large island of the coast of argentina. Found in1743 the island was a very diverse ecosystem the most adaptable to the diffrent enviroments was the ceralkiller. The native pepople were more advanced then their mainland conterparts they were able to make bronze weapons and had a alphabet and counting system. THE first colonists came in 1783 by a group of settlers from brazil they made their homes in a small harbor they met the natives a week later.  THE leader of the group was a corrupt dictator whos family still rules the nation today. During 1797 the colony became the
contry of south97. not much important events happend in south 97. but  one of the contrys longest wars began. this war is know called the war of pureification  this war was between the tribal groups of south 97 and south 97s  army . the war  began betwen a group of pioneers and the pionners the entire group of native was killed .   1981 war has begun again by a regiment of rebels trying to over throw the dictatorship  the war began when a group of court officials was hanged publically  by  the rebels. now all protestors  are shot on sight the newst operation is rolling thunder in whic the will raid the rebel base in the asargi moutain ranges the rebel base in a patch of forest the war in the reigon has continued  to 2009 . the goverment  has been diccusing what to do by the new 2010 campaing called soaring hawk.
US Marines

Terrains,reigons and fauna .  The asargi  moutain ranges- the asargi moutains used to be a beutieful area in the center of the island   a small jungle lays at the center of the mountain ranges most of the jungle was destroyed in the war  moutains  have large bomb  craters .  

tioga  rain forest resrve -  the most beutiful and unknown  rain forest in the contry here the largest population of ceralkillers the park is located on the east coast 

 the main species of south97 .  the ceralkiller is the main animal of the reigon  they are located evrey where  in south97  from the deserts of east paladin to the swamps of archie national park . 

settalments -the largest city is newyorkgiants city                                                                                                            

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