Silver Imperium
The Silver Imperium of Pictavia and Kiravia
Imperial Seal Upload
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: Symphony of Battle
Motto: Plus Ultra
Official Religion: Terranism
National Flower: Lilac Heather Flower, 'Calluna Vulgaris'
National Trees: Scots Pine, 'Pinus sylvestris' and Monterey Cypress, Cupressus macrocarpa
National Animal: Eurasian Wolf, 'Canis lupus'

Imperial Territory

Location of the Dominion of Pictavia

Official language Pictish,Coscivian,English
Government Bidominial Federal Imperium
- Consul
- Prime Minister
Gaius Kadesh
Särden Evergreen
- Unification January 20th, 2008
- Total 12,633,030 km²
- 2007 estimate 4 billion
Currency One Atla = One Hundred Cents (PCT)

1 saar(♢)= 1,000 kilae (KIS)

Time zone (GMT (UTC)+0)
- Summer (DST) (BST (UTC)+1)
Internet TLDs .pi,.kir,.si
Calling code +37
1De facto official.

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