Siegfried Class Battleship
The VRV Tannhäuser
Type Space-Faring Aircraft Carrier Battleship
Place of origin VerbluffenFlagg Verbluffen
Service history
In service 2013–present
Used by VerbluffenFlagg Verbluffen,
Wars Invasion of Europe
Rise of the Soviet Empire
Invasion of Sunalaya
Colonization of Fetharmia
Verbluffen-American War
The Space Race
Production history
Designer Heinrich von Schtuppnagel
Designed 2013
Manufacturer LuftSea Flugzeuge und Schiffe
Unit cost $67,340,550 Reichsmarks
Weight 6,000 kg
Length 304.8m
Diameter m
Wingspan 0.00 m
Crew 250, 500 Pilots

Engine LuftSea GH-54-3670 Nuclear Helium Fuison plant
~10,000,000 ly
Speed Mach 7.9-8.1 (~990 km/h @ sea level)

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