Military of the Military State of Sethtekia
Sethtekian Flag
Founded August 10 2011
Current form Corps
Service branches Army
  • Navy
Headquarters SMHQ
Overlord General Erex Malren
Chief of staff High Commander Noval
Military age 18
Conscription 18
Available for
military service
500 million males, age 18 - Death,
400 million females, age 18 - Death
Fit for
military service
550 million males, age 18 - Death,
450 million females, age 18 - Death
Reaching military
age annually
18 million males,
12 million females
Active personnel 300 million
Reserve personnel 600 million
Deployed personnel 300 million
Budget 450 billion
Percent of GDP 96%
Domestic suppliers Sethtekian Arms
Foreign suppliers None
Annual imports None
The Sethtekian Military is a huge war machine employing nearly 95% of the population. Those who do not serve in the military serve in the Schools and in the what few Government offices the Military State of Sethtekia has.


The Reserves act as a Police Force within the country, who are authorized to use deadly force on anyone.

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