Quick Facts
Capital Della Pompo
Government Territorial Administration
Currency Cookborough Franc (₣)
Population 1 million+
Language Miroxian, Italian, English, Serennese
Religion Roman Catholicism 61.2%
Miroxian Non-Denominational Church of God 36.7%
Calling Code +4
Internet TLD .cook
Time Zone UTC +12

Serenno (Miroxian: Seraddor) is a part of Cookborough located in northeastern Miroxia. It was the first colony to be claimed in the North Miroxian Colonization Movement. It borders Mundara, a colony of Belkaros, to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and north, and to the south, it borders the Miroxian Sea (Miroxian: Surukan Sae ). Attractions include Lazuli Cliffs which when looking south towards Miroxia, one can see ships entering the bay and waves from this highest point in the colony and Serenno Gardens in Della Pompo, some very large gardens containing flowers from all over Miroxia

Cities Edit

  • Della Pompo - The capital city of Serenno. The largest city in the colony and major hub of Northern Miroxia. Della Pompo contains a fairly large amount of Royalist living in the city as evidenced by the names of street and buildings (e.g. Piazza Reale, Via del Re). The city is a mixture of traditional Miroxian and Cookboroughan architecture and cultures and a must see for any one in the area. There are three major languages spoken in the area, Miroxian, Italian, and the lingua franca English.
  • Fira - Small town in southeastern Serenno, and nicknamed the "Pearl of Serenno" this little town is a gem to behold. Over looking the Miroxian Sea, it is a major ste for tourist with it's quiet charm, friendly locals, and whitewashed walls. Fira is close to the site of the mysterious Talac Ruins, which have continued to baffle researchers to this day.
  • Città di Dell (English: Dell Town ) - An infamous village near the Serenno-Mundara border. It was used as the capital of North Miroxia during both civil wars. Some atractions are King Devin's mansion, his home during his rule of the North. It is also one of the most populated areas of the north, aside from maybe five others. It is also known as "Royalist City". It was so well-known by that name, the town almost changed it's name, but was stopped by the Miroxian government. Lately, though there has been pressure by town on the Territorial Government to allow them to change the name.


the Serenno peninsula is a hilly and thickly forested land. it contains many streams, creeks, and brooks that traverse it. The peninsula enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers.

Night Serenno

Fira, Serenno at night overlooking the Miroxian Sea

Serenno's terrain is fairly mild facing the pacific ocean, bt it's southern coast almost completely consists of cliffs.


Serenno is an autonomous region of Cookborough and elects it's government and members of congress



The regional flag of Serenno, only recently recognized as the official of the region. It is divided diagonally green over red with a white stripe going down the middle. This is symbolic of the island's mixed heritage byt the red (Miroxia) and green (Cookborough). The patterns in the middle are similar to the ones that can be found at the Galac ruins

Serenno Flag

the Official Flag of Serenno


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