Seren is usually considered the goddess of the crystal, aswell the divine aspect of the Anima Mundi. It is said she inspired the citizens to build the capital city city, Chrisial 'n Gysegr-lân Dirio, the way they did so they could communicate, protect themselves and prosper. She is also the original provider of crystal. More information is provided on her and the history of this great crystal city in one of the books of Chrisial 'n Gysegr-lân Dirio's history found in the bookshelves of the Crystal Palace. She is apparently present within all crystal. There is one known altar to Seren found in the elven town of Aytell. It resembles the altars of Zilyana, but made of crystal with no symbol in the place where it normally would be.

Seren's name comes from the Welsh word 'seren', meaning star. And from the Latin word "seren", meaning to make clear.

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