The Seditian Archipelago Incident was a brief military event that took place in mid-2007 among the constituent states of the Seditian Archipelago: Caelapes, Lenonstall, and Zowali.

In July 2007, Caelapene bombers discharged bombs containing propaganda posters over the Lenonstallian city of Stallmond. The pamphlets, composed by the Ministry of Justice, condemned the government of Lenonstall as being a "socialist dictatorship" and encouraged its citizens to take up arms and violently rebel, with Caelapene military support. With a superior military force, Caelapene soldiers were mobilized to strategic points throughout the Seditian Archipelago, blocking similar troop movements out of Lenonstall and blockading trade between Lenonstall and Zowali. Zowali responded by landing a small strike group of special operations soldiers north of the Caelapene city of Crougard. Tipped off by radar, Police swarmed the city, closing it down for six days as the Home Guard scoured the surrounding forests. During that time, the three nations were at a stalemate, with Caelapes militarily stronger than either Lenonstall and Zowali, but threatened by their combined militaries. By the time Home Guard scouts had located the Zowalian intruders, the wary nations had cooled enough to agree to peace talks. The meeting took place in the Caelapene city of Torine, and terms of peace were accepted eleven days later. Caelapes released its Zowalian prisoners and recalled its Aeronavy, and was forced to pay tributes to the Lenonstallian Government. Furthermore, the Ministry of Justice and Prime Minister Prothero issued a public apology for the incident.

The United Nations, of which Caelapes was a member at the time of the incident, condemned the Caelapene military's irresponsible use of power and Caelapes was subsequently suspended by the UN Security Council. Caelapes has not been reinstated as of February 2008. Major Topics in the Federation of Caelapes
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