Scott McBain

High Chancellor Scott RJ McBain

Scott Robert Jonathan McBain (born 28 February, 1990) is the current High Chancellor of Dacara. He ran the 2031 Chancellorship against Labor party candidate Robert Ness and won a landslide victory of 69% of the voting population. Chancellor McBain is a member of the Dacaran Democratic Party and has been since 2016 when he became Under Secretary of Education for the State of Picon. Scott McBain has a 'Bachelor of Political Science' (Honours) and a 'Bachelor of Law' from Kewlona University

Early Life and CareerEdit

Scott was born in Langara, Tauron to Margaret and Keith McBain he attended Langaran East High School with Deputy Chancellor Christopher Mawhinney. After his finished his degree in Political Science Scott joined with Governor George Wakeham of the State of Picon and became Under Secretary of Education. In 2023 Scott McBain became Secretary of Education on a federal level a position he kept for 5 years until being promoted by Chancellor Duncan Self to Secretary of State in 2028. The Dacaran Democratic Party nomination for McBain to run for High Chancellor was unanimously decided by the House of Representatives with 98% of the party voting for McBain's Chancellorship. He won a landslide victory of over 69% of the nation voting him in as the 8th High Chancellor of Dacara.

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