History Edit

the Sasha International Airport was first opened in 1978, shortly before the Dictatorship War began. During the war, the airport was damaged in bombings by Bill Watson's rebel army. After the war ended the airport was rebuilt and opened again in 1982. The small International Airport grown to 10 terminals in 1999, before the New Year began. During the Greal Rebel War, the airport was damaged badly, and was rebuilt again. The airport was closed last year due to heavy air traffic. Today the airport is going to be opened

Details Edit

Sasha International Airport will be opened with new security checkpoints outside the airport, however the security checks wil only take 70 seconds.. There is a new Air Control Tower near the airport. The Airport has a subway line to Sasha (The city), but all passengers that get off the subway from Sasha are subject to security check. Sasha International Airport can accommodate up to 100 million people. There is a very good bus service ouitside that can take you to your car if you have a car parked at the parking lot, however parking users are recommened to remember their parking space number. The subway station at the airport is only accrossed the street from the airport. The aiport has new Food courts.

Both gate space and unfilled space is available for purchase. Gates that are purchased by an airline will solely be used by them. Additionally, if an airline decides to buy an entire concourse or terminal, all of the gates are reserved for them. The Airport has 25 terminals, 2 are already in use by Greal Airways and Air Greal. In each of the terminals are 5 concourse, and in each concourse is 50 gates. That means there are 6,250 gates or 125 concourses at Sasha International Airport.

Sasha International Airport is currently the biggest airport in Greal.

Greal Airways
Air Greal

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