The Standard Issue Primary Mark 3 Battle Rifle, or SIP-3, is the standard issue weapon of the Imperial Infantry Corps of the Empire of Bayr.  The rifle was originally designed in 1984, and became adopted as the standard issue rifle of the Infantry Corps in 1989.  Unlike many nations, the battle rifle is the primary infantry weapon of the Empire, due to a long 1983 debate among high ranking judges that ended in favor of battle rifles rather then the more common assault rifle.  The rifle represents a large improvement over the SIP-2, not to be confused with the SIS-2 Battle Rifle.  The rifle has become the most produced weapon in the empire, with total numbers exceeding seventy-thousand.  Since its introduction, the rifle has become an icon of the IIC, and is expected to continue service for at least another decade.
SAP-3 Battle Rifle

General Information Edit

The SIP-3 is a 7.62mm Battle Rifle produced at the Utiel Weaponworks Facility in Utiel, Bayr.   Several design choices were made, such as high range, semi-automatic firing, and a high muzzle velocity.  The rifle is currently only in use with the armed forces of Bayr.  Unlike many modern weapons, the SIP-3 is limited to semi-automatic, originally due to a shortage of ammunition during the first decade of its use.  The rifle was found to be highly successful, and won out over its competition, the BA-4 Assault Rifle.  Originally designated the UWF-2 Battle Rifle during development, it was re-designated once it was adopted by the armed forces. 

The weapon is used by the majority of Bayr's armed forces, with the remainder using the SIS-2 Battle Rifle, the IHMG-50 Heavy Machine Gun, the ISR-50 Sniper Rifle, or the Mk. 2 Morter.  The weapon is an icon of the IIC, and when a soldier is seen carrying one, he is identifiable almost immediately.


Type: Battle Rifle

Country of Origin: Bayr

In Service: 1989-present

Users: Imperial Armed Forces of the Empire of Bayr

Designer: Utiel Weaponworks

Designed: Early 1980's

Manufacturer: Utiel Weaponworks

Manufactured: 1989-Present

Weight: 4.5 Kg

Length: 995 mm

Barrel Length: 465 mm

Cartridge: 7.62 X 51 mm

Action: Roller Delayed Blowback

Maximum Effective Rate of Fire: 40 rounds/min

Muzzle Velocity: 1200 m/s

Effective Range: 420 m

Feed System: 20 Round Detachable Box Magazie

Sights: Rear: rotary diopter; front: hooded post

Estimated Cost per Unit: 800 USD


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